10 Reasons to take Five a Day+ V

  1. 21 nutrient-dense superfoods with only 12 calories per serving.
  2. 1 daily serving (3 grams or one teaspoon of powder or five 600mg capsules) equals 5-7 portions of fruit and vegetables.
  3. Vegetarian product  and *Registered Vegan.
  4. Boosts energy when ill, increasing strength and stamina and improves recovery.
  5. Physical improvements usually seen in skin, nails and hair.
  6. Promotes cellular health and revitalises ageing cells.
  7. Helps control appetite and boost brain health.
  8. No sugars, preservatives or artificial additives.
  9. Key ingredients such as spirulina, wheat grass juice, alfalfa, beetroot juice powder, super oxide dismutase (SOD),Vanilla Extract and Raspberry Powder
  10. Available as a powder (at RRP £0.40 per day) and capsules (at RRP £0.60 per day). Suitable for adults, teenagers and children alike.


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